Birth Month Flowers & Their Meanings

Here's a comprehensive look at each official birth month flowers and what they represent.

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Flowers have long been connected to particular months of the year, each with its own special meaning and symbolism. Like birthstones, birth month flowers add a special touch to presents and festivities. Here's a comprehensive look at each official birth month flowers and what they represent.

January - Carnation

Carnations, the birth flower for January, are known for their ruffled petals and are available in a wide range of colors at florist in Conway SC. They represent respect, affection, and distinction. The red carnation symbolizes deep love and admiration, while the white indicates pure love and luck. Pink carnations symbolize a mother's affection.

February - Violet

February is the month of violets, a lovely purple flower. They represent knowledge, loyalty, and faithfulness. Violets symbolize modesty and humility in many civilizations. Their sweet fragrance and charming appearance make them a lovely gift to buy from flower shops in Conway SC for those born in this month.

March - Daffodil

March's birth flower daffodil welcomes spring with their beautiful yellow blooms. Birthday flower delivery Conway SC will help you deliver these blooms which symbolize new beginnings, rebirth, and rejuvenation. With its associations with unrequited love and endless life, daffodils symbolize hope and regeneration.

April - Daisy

April's natal flower, daisies, symbolizes innocence, purity, and love. The simple, cheery design symbolizes new beginnings and fresh starts. Gerbera daisies, a popular variety at flowers Myrtle Beach, add a splash of color and joy to any bouquet.

May - Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley, with its delicate bell-shaped flowers, is the birth month flowers for May. It represents kindness, humility, and everlasting happiness. These flowers symbolize purity and motherhood, making them popular for Mother's Day and weddings.

June - Rose

June's natal flower, roses, symbolizes love and passion. Red symbolizes love, white purity, yellow companionship, and pink appreciation. The timeless and flexible rose makes a great present for any occasion.

July - Larkspur

The July birth flower is larkspur, with its tall spikes of bright blooms. They represent joy and openness. Blue larkspurs symbolize elegance and grace, while pink ones symbolize love and fickleness. These flowers give any arrangement whimsy and grace.

August - Gladiolus

Augusts’ birth flower, gladiolus, has long stems and stunning blossoms. It represents honesty, strength, and integrity. Gladiolus flowers, named after the Latin sword, symbolize morality and memory. These stunning flowers make a statement in any bouquet.

September - Aster

September birth flowers, asters, symbolize love, wisdom, and faith. Star-shaped flowers symbolize patience and delicacy. Aster was believed to have magical abilities and ward off bad spirits in ancient times. Their brilliant colors and delicate structure make them lovely gifts.

October - Marigold

Marigolds, October's natal flower, represent warmth, inventiveness, and passion. They symbolize riches and success and are related with the sun. Marigolds provide joy and celebration to many civilizations' ceremonies.

November - Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums are known as flowers by birth month November, representing happiness, longevity, and loyalty. They are frequently regarded as a representation of fall and the upcoming seasons. Chrysanthemums symbolize joy, optimism, and death in some civilizations.

December - Narcissus

December's natal flower is the narcissus, sometimes referred to as the paperwhite or daffodil. It represents self-love, rejuvenation, and rebirth. These winter blooms symbolize new beginnings and personal growth and reflection.

Birth flowers by month offer a meaningful and personalized way to celebrate someone's birth month. Each flower has its own symbolism and charm, so you can match your gift to the recipient's personality and birth month. If you want to make an impression with a bouquet, go to and get a personalized touch.

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